Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ricky Ullman - Flex Masta

Phil of the Future was one of disneys hit shows. It Starred Alyson Michalka of Aly & AJ, And Ricky Ullman. (Also Known As Raviv Ullman)

Well i was in shock when i found this video on youtube. Its pretty outrageous. And if you dont like profanity and obscene language, dont watch it.

Ricky Ullman or as he is now referred to as "Flex Masta" is in a group called the Webee Boys. They reference to alcohol, drugs, violence and adult language.They make hip-hop video parodys.

The Video is kinda hysterical. :)

If anyone has the lyrics - please email them to the email address i have provided .
To join their official fansite visit
or visit their official myspace


Anonymous said...

ew i didnt watch the video only like seconds of it but...
weird muchh?!?!?!?
what a frikken wack job!
well wack jobs!

KHen said...

It's just funny knowing it's Ricky Ullman of all people. He doesn't seem like he'd do that stuff haha.