Saturday, January 5, 2008

Aly and AJ - Messy Rooms

Aly And AJ were interviewed and asked if they had messy rooms.

What a weird question ? Well it seems AJ is OBSESSED with keeping her room clean!!

"My room is like perfect, my bathroom gets a little messy . But my bedroom is always clean! " AJ told the interviewer.

Aly jokes about the piles of clothes and junk in her room "Its not like falling all over the place where its on my lamp, on my bed, hanging off the ceiling, or on the ceiling fan.I mean its not like that crazy. Its definitely a neat little pile shoved in the corner or its either shoved up in my closet like, I'll throw it up into a little space up there, and I'll take it down and I'm going wait a minute that's where that t- shirt is, and I'll find it two months later."

And when Alys mom asks her to clean up she does a quick job and throws it under her bed or up in the closet.

These are the two most down to earth girls on the planet !! And I completely agree with Alys way of cleaning.

When my mom tells me to clean up quick I do the same thing.

What do you do ? Are you an Aly or an AJ ?

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