Monday, January 7, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe - Wild Spell

Ok Ok I know , this isnt disney related.. But I love Harry Potter and this is pretty interesting !!

This isnt the first time Daniel Radcliffe got attention for the wrong reasons. A while back Daniel was in a play called "Equus" in London. For the character he was asked to strip naked and simulate a sex scene. This is an old story so im not going to cover it.(picture to the left)

But now once again Daniel has caught our attention - this time for a wild night out.

Daniel was seen at Londons Crazy Larry Pub , which is known for being a college dropouts hangout, on thursday.

He was with his friends and picked up two hot blondes. They were completely impressed by his fame.

He spent most of the night dancing with the two blondes. And he told the club to supply his pals with anything they wanted.

He and his friends had a drunken night, that ended with Daniel picking up the $1,000 bartab, and him leaving with one of the hot blondes.

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