Friday, January 4, 2008

Anneliese Van Der Pol -DUI

This is an old story, but i couldnt help myself.Not to mention a lot of people do not know about this.

On july 10th 2006 Anneliese Van Der Pol ,(Chelsea from Hit Show That So Raven) was arrested for a DUI,Driving Under The Influence, In LA

Her Blood Alcohol level was an UNBELIEVEABLE .19 which is twice the legal limit(.08)

She was arrested after crashing with a parked car that lead to the parked car hitting two OTHER CARS!! Then she lost control of her car and hit ANOTHER CAR!!

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? Was she pissed there wasnt gonna be another season of THATS SO RAVEN?

She faced 36 months probation and a penalty of $2,844 in fines and assessments. She also has to go to an alcohol education program. Maybe she'll learn something

I dont understand stars who get DUI's .. GET A DRIVER !!

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