Thursday, January 3, 2008

Joe Jonas Gets Lucky

Jingle Ball was a Lucky Night For JoBro Joe Jonas. He recieved Two kissed From two Mystery Women!

Kiss Number 1 was recieved at a Meet and Greet where fans got to meet the handsome threesome. Joe was kissed by a teenage girl. roughly around 18 years old. Anyone with pictures, I think we'd all like to see it.
Kiss Number 2 was by an older woman , probably in her 30's.This was later on into the night. It looks like its backstage of jingle ball. But it looks like Joe wasnt liking it!! Picture to the left .

Seems like Joes quite the ladys man !


Anonymous said...

the older woman...i forget her name, is some woman who like works for z100...i think she may be one of the radio people? and she like has a crush on joe or something...she told him when they went there lol

Anonymous said...

the older women is someone that works for z100
and joe was doing that face for the cameras...

Anonymous said...

thats caroleena from z100..i listen like everyday and if u go to theres pics of that with captions