Thursday, January 24, 2008

What do you think ?

Ive been conisdering Posting info about Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gossling and JC. They were all on the Mickey Mouse Club - therefore they are disney stars.
What do you guys think?
I am Going To Put up a Poll For you To Vote YES or NO. So make sure you vote.
Contest to Make a Banner for this Site and for posting on myspace bulletins.
The Banner Must be a BLEND of Pictures Of Disney Stars
The Following Stars MUST BE INCLUDED
& ALY and AJ.
You Could ADD more Stars if you prefer. But THESE STARS have to be in it!
Be Creative and send the Finished Product to me in an email!!
If It is for a Myspace Bulletin it has to say something like - View this hot new blog.
& it MUST mention that it is an actual site not a myspace.
& if it is for this site It just has to Say Disney Stars = Controversy Or it doesnt have to say anything at all.
I Am Looking for a Total of Three Maybe even Four if There are alot of good ones.
If You Are doing one for Myspace the SUBJ of the EMAIL must say MYSPACE
If it is for the site the subj of the email must say SITE BANNER
I will be picking three or four! Two for this Site & One or Two For Myspace Promotion.
Have Fun ! I cant wait to see what you guys make !!

Zac Efron - Haunted High School Musical News!

Many rumors have been running around that Zac Efron might not return for "Haunted High School Musical" the third film in the well known series.

"At this point ,it is not in my hands," He said of the negotiations."I mean, I would love to do a third 'High School Musical'; it would be a great way to finish off the series. To start with a TV movie and finish off on the silver screen would be a great legacy for the 'High School Musical' series to leave"

Zac of course the joker said he might be afraid to do the movie, " You know, if East High is haunted , I might have to reconsider, Because i dont like ghosts"

Haha Zac what a jokester !! In my opinion it is in his hands, High School Musical is Nothing without Zac, V, Ashley, Corbin,Lucas, Monique and the rest of the gang. So who is he kidding. He is probably waiting for a contract with Big Bucks!

Zac Efron - New Movie News

Zac Efron is going to be in the new movie "Me & Orsen Welles"

The Movie is Based on the coming of age novel by Robert Kalpow

"Set in 1937, the story centers on a high school student (Efron) who, while strolling the streets of New York, comes across the yet-to-open Mercury Theatre and is noticed by its mercurial founder, Orson Welles."

Zac Efron sure is a busy boy ! Even if the movie news doesnt intrest you, I do love putting pics of Zac up - haha - he is a cutie !

Zac Efron - Seventeen (movie)

Zac Efron is the hottest actor - both physically and acting wise - around.

If there is a hot movie project going on you can bet that Zac Efron is one of the stars involved.

Zac is going to be working on the new movie "Seventeen", starring along side Mathew Perry (Friends- Chandler)

"Seventeen" has been top secret. It was even known as the "Untitled Zac Efron Project".

Zac explains the movie as a reverse of the movie "Big"

"Big" Starred Tom Hanks. It was about a little boy who wished on a genie at a fair to become 'big'. He wakes up as an adult , gets a job an apartment , a girlfriend.. you get the idea.

So Zac says the movie is about a guy who is older and his life didnt turn out the way he planned.

He's really excited about this project and it is said that his movie will elevate his career even further. This Movie is in the final stages of Pre- Production. See the Video Below of Zac discussing the movie "Seventeen"

Miley Cyrus - NEW BOYFRIEND !

At a Hannah Montana concert in Las Vegas a very special guest hung around back stage to get a pic with the popstar miley cyrus.

JOHN MAYER. Are they dating ???

haha Definatley not . But that would be pretty interesting !

It turns out he's a huge fan - go figure.

I guess John Mayers a little on the Fruitty Tutty side if you get what I mean.

John Mayers an amazing musician , But to be a Miley fan - thats a little weird.

oh and btw sorry for not posting in a while !

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So, by now most of us has seen the youtube video of Miley & JoBros performing "We Got The Party" and during the performance Miley Gives Nick A Peck on the cheek. If you havent seen it watch it below the post. I put it up for you.

Recently another youtube surfaced where someone caught that it wasnt Miley performing with the JoBros, but a body double lip-synching!!

Mileys Rep confirmed when caught and said "Miley needs the body double so she can make the transformation from Hannah Montana into Miley Cyrus". - The body double Isnt performing the whole song, Miley starts it & the double finishes it off.

The double wears sunglasses & in a very obvious way keeps her arm over her face or her back to the audience. On the big screen that shows the concert in a larger view to those with seats far away they show pre recorded clips.

The Original Video was taking off of youtube due to copyright laws.

Now this raises a new question - If Miley isnt performing all of "We Got The Party" then who is?

Could it be Nick & Miley were never together - and he was with her body double.

Also if this body doubled fools millions at every concert, has she taken Mileys place at other events ?

Who is this mystery girl ?

Video of the Body Double !!

I in no way imply ownership to these videos and No copyright infrigment intended!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Harry Potter - GETS NAKED

So as i briefly mentioned in my last post Daniel Radcliffe had to strip for a part in a London play.

Well it turns out that J.K Rowling was so impressed with his nude scenes that she is asking him to strip again, but this time for the last installment of Harry Potter.

She was so excited by his performance that she made the decision while watching him strip in the play. She even rushed backstage to tell him !!

Radcliffe says, "When Jo came to see me in Equus she popped backstage afterwards and told me: 'In the next film, Harry's going to be naked all of the time!'".

sounds like J.K has thing for Daniel..

Daniel Radcliffe - Wild Spell

Ok Ok I know , this isnt disney related.. But I love Harry Potter and this is pretty interesting !!

This isnt the first time Daniel Radcliffe got attention for the wrong reasons. A while back Daniel was in a play called "Equus" in London. For the character he was asked to strip naked and simulate a sex scene. This is an old story so im not going to cover it.(picture to the left)

But now once again Daniel has caught our attention - this time for a wild night out.

Daniel was seen at Londons Crazy Larry Pub , which is known for being a college dropouts hangout, on thursday.

He was with his friends and picked up two hot blondes. They were completely impressed by his fame.

He spent most of the night dancing with the two blondes. And he told the club to supply his pals with anything they wanted.

He and his friends had a drunken night, that ended with Daniel picking up the $1,000 bartab, and him leaving with one of the hot blondes.

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens - First Award Show

Zac and V have been dating for a while, but this is the first award show they went to together!!
Kind of hard to believe I know. I was shocked about it too.
The two arrived on the red carpet at the 19th Annual Palm Springs Film Festival.

Zac couldn't take his eyes off V the whole night ! How cute are they !

Zac and his hairspray cast mates won the best ensemble performance award .

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Selena Gomez - New and Hot

Selena Gomez is disney ch. newest star . Shes guested on shows like TSL and HM.

Now shes on the new hit series Wizards of Waverly Place. She is definatley taking disney by storm ! Not only is she a great actress but shes an amazing singer .

She is definately Mileys competition. Miley better step her game up because Selena has arrived.

Not to mention she is so much prettier then Miley. Selena is Gorgeous!!

Miley watch out, Selena's going to snatch nick up and all your chances will be gone !

I think Selena and Nick would be a very cute match !!

Aly and AJ - Pranksters

When asked who's the prankster of the duo Aly and AJ responded they both are.

They said that they put their tour manager through a lot. They are always pulling pranks on him while touring on the bus.

They once put a barbie doll in his bed - but I don't see the humor in that. They also put Rose petals all over his pillow case. - once again - not funny.

The funny one is they plastered glow in the dark stars and moons on his bunk. I find it funny because when he goes to lay down there is going to be shining stars and moons in his face.

And those things are ridiculously hard to get off !!

Aly and AJ - Messy Rooms

Aly And AJ were interviewed and asked if they had messy rooms.

What a weird question ? Well it seems AJ is OBSESSED with keeping her room clean!!

"My room is like perfect, my bathroom gets a little messy . But my bedroom is always clean! " AJ told the interviewer.

Aly jokes about the piles of clothes and junk in her room "Its not like falling all over the place where its on my lamp, on my bed, hanging off the ceiling, or on the ceiling fan.I mean its not like that crazy. Its definitely a neat little pile shoved in the corner or its either shoved up in my closet like, I'll throw it up into a little space up there, and I'll take it down and I'm going wait a minute that's where that t- shirt is, and I'll find it two months later."

And when Alys mom asks her to clean up she does a quick job and throws it under her bed or up in the closet.

These are the two most down to earth girls on the planet !! And I completely agree with Alys way of cleaning.

When my mom tells me to clean up quick I do the same thing.

What do you do ? Are you an Aly or an AJ ?

Vanessa Hudgens - Being Sued

Vanessa Hudgens is being sued for $150,000 , by her former lawyer Brian Schall .

He claims she failed to pay him $150,000 in commission. Also that V signed a contract back in 2005 that stated she had to pay her attorney a small percentage of her earnings in exchange for his services.

Her Lawyer also claims he helped her earn more than $5 million.

Looks like V shoulda spent less time shopping and more time paying attention.

Why would you mess with a lawyer.. they know what they are doing!

Miley Cyrus - The Saint

On December 8th before her concert in Chicago, Miley Cyrus and OfficeMax Presented a $1 Million donation to the Adopt-A-Classroom Charity.

OfficeMax has also been sponsoring Miley Cyrus by putting up stations outside the concerts where fans can create signs to hold up during the show.

They have also setup a parents lounge at the concerts , where parents can escape all the screaming kids, and I'm sure what they think is annoying music. These lounges have computers, earplugs, and snacks.

I dont know what parent would do this though.. I would never leave my child alone at a concert. Especially if I'm paying for it , I'm going to watch it!

(note: I dont have any children- I'm too young)

Well I guess Miley isn't the demon everyone makes her out to be! Although I'm sure shes getting paid to have her face on this campaign with OfficeMax.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hilary Duff - Bails on Bartab

Hilary Duff is currently in Canada on location for the movie Safety Glass.

So one night Hilary and her sister Haylie decided to go to a night club and have a little fun

The girls were seen dancing and drinking Grey Goose vodka and champagne till the club closed at 2 am.

The two girls racked up a $400 tab ! Lucky for them the manager wasnt mad at all !

He said that they shared a bottle of champagne and" They were delightful to be with and down to earth". Also that " They didnt even realize they didnt pay"

Im sure thats true, after $400 of booze who would remember to pay , let alone remember anything ?

Luckily Hil's a sweetheart, and the manager was apparently a fan !!

Anneliese Van Der Pol -DUI

This is an old story, but i couldnt help myself.Not to mention a lot of people do not know about this.

On july 10th 2006 Anneliese Van Der Pol ,(Chelsea from Hit Show That So Raven) was arrested for a DUI,Driving Under The Influence, In LA

Her Blood Alcohol level was an UNBELIEVEABLE .19 which is twice the legal limit(.08)

She was arrested after crashing with a parked car that lead to the parked car hitting two OTHER CARS!! Then she lost control of her car and hit ANOTHER CAR!!

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? Was she pissed there wasnt gonna be another season of THATS SO RAVEN?

She faced 36 months probation and a penalty of $2,844 in fines and assessments. She also has to go to an alcohol education program. Maybe she'll learn something

I dont understand stars who get DUI's .. GET A DRIVER !!

Joe Jonas - Get Naked


so the fact that this is a huge controversy, pisses me off!

its a stupid sign, that i love by the way. I would love to see Joe Jonas in the buff.

And if you say you wouldn't want to see him, your a complete liar.

I actually saw myspace bulletins about this. Are you serious?

Well i guess I'm adding to this by writing about it. But unlike them I like the sign.

I actually saw a bulletin where a girl said "if i was there big rob( jb's body guard) would have to pull me off of her" - OH PLEASE!!

If i was there I'd be joining her!! (the girl with the sign )

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Joe Jonas And Jo Jo

I recently got a tip That Joe Jonas And Jo Jo might be dating. The two were seen walking with linked arms, out to dinner and have been photographed in a car along with Kevin Jonas and Another girl.

(The Photos tipped to me were tagged - so i de-tagged them.)

Well I'm sure Joe wont be wearing his purity ring much longer.I get the feeling Jo Jo is a provactive girl. Not to mention she has a killer body . what guy can resist that?

Joe said that his previous relationship with AJ Michalka (from Aly and AJ) ended because of their busy schedules and because of the long distance. So the chances of this lasting seem slim to me. Being that Joe is currently on tour with JoBros and Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana in the Best of Both Worlds tour. And The JoBros are Soon going to Kick off their "Look Me In The Eyes Tour"

Seems like both factors are at hand - busy schedule. And touring meaning long distance.

Is it just me or does Joe look more happy then Jo Jo.

Also wont they be so confused, every time someone yells out Joe - They will Both turn around!

Seems like a lucky Week for Joe on My Blog - First Mystery Women at Jingle Ball and Now Seen On the town with JoJo.

and for you "haters" dont worry because ...
Sure they look happy, but so did Joe And AJ.

ALSO : dont send hate mail to either of them, there was enough of that done with the whole Nick and Miley Situation.

Thanks for the tip on the JoeJo Story Alyssa !

You can give me tips too !! send me an email !

Ricky Ullman - Flex Masta

Phil of the Future was one of disneys hit shows. It Starred Alyson Michalka of Aly & AJ, And Ricky Ullman. (Also Known As Raviv Ullman)

Well i was in shock when i found this video on youtube. Its pretty outrageous. And if you dont like profanity and obscene language, dont watch it.

Ricky Ullman or as he is now referred to as "Flex Masta" is in a group called the Webee Boys. They reference to alcohol, drugs, violence and adult language.They make hip-hop video parodys.

The Video is kinda hysterical. :)

If anyone has the lyrics - please email them to the email address i have provided .
To join their official fansite visit
or visit their official myspace

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Well unfortunatley , Ashley Tisdale has gotten a nose job. I say unfortunatley because i think it was a mistake. She looked much better before.

Before she went under the knife she made sure everyone knew it was for medical reasons.Which was a smart move. She made sure everyone knew it was going to happen. Which only made it more noticeable. She stated that she had a deviated septum and that it was 80 % deviated.

This is the excuse every person and their mother uses when they get a nose job. Mainly because not alot of people know exactly what it is. And in fact about 80% of people have it.

Ashley said "I was completely scared. I wasn't looking forward to the surgery at all. I actually had trouble sleeping for a week before."

"I didn't do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose, I want my fans to know the truth. I'm not someone who is going to act like I had nothing done. I just want to be honest because my fans are everything to me."

So some of you might be asking what is a deviated septum?


A deviated septum is when your septum is significantly off-center. Your septum is in the center of your nose, divided both sides equally.

When a deviated septum is severe it can block one side of your nose and reduce airflow. This can lead to difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, nosebleeds, and frequent sinus infections.

Ok so now you know the whole story.. what do you think , vanity or health?

(Wanna learn more about deviated septums, Visit - )

Joe Jonas Gets Lucky

Jingle Ball was a Lucky Night For JoBro Joe Jonas. He recieved Two kissed From two Mystery Women!

Kiss Number 1 was recieved at a Meet and Greet where fans got to meet the handsome threesome. Joe was kissed by a teenage girl. roughly around 18 years old. Anyone with pictures, I think we'd all like to see it.
Kiss Number 2 was by an older woman , probably in her 30's.This was later on into the night. It looks like its backstage of jingle ball. But it looks like Joe wasnt liking it!! Picture to the left .

Seems like Joes quite the ladys man !

Niley ? Give it a rest.

I am so sick of the Are they or aren't they dating. But most of you aren't so , here it goes. Nick Jonas has said that they hang out and their good friends. They both admitted they used to date. These two have been on and off non-stop. So whats going on now you ask? Well if anyone watched the Dick Clark special on new years eve you'd know something was up.

Through out their performance together ( Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers) Miley was screaming into the mic . She was singing as loud and powerful as she can. At the same time she was staring at Nick Jonas. Nick barely glanced at her. At one point he completely turned his back to her and walked to the other side of the platform. I wouldn't call it a stage they were on a roof.

Next while singing their hit song S.O.S (Which many believe was written by Nick For Miley) Nick was barely singing. Any JB fan would know he wasn't hitting the normal notes , he hits in the hit song. And the very last line of the song he sounded like he was about to cry.

So WHATS UP? Well a source (that will remain unknown) has informed me that Miley has cheated on Nick Jonas With Ashley Tisdales Dancer, Wesley Quin. Then she broke up with Nick.

Poor Nick. Its okay we all love you ! And in An interview Miley Said Nick is IN LOVE with her.

Is Miley just trying to save face for the mistakes she made ?
I'm not sure how she cheated. I'm sure they just made out. When she was going out with Nick, that's all they did - make out everywhere. It made everyone around them feel awkward.

Miley Cyrus - Lesbian ?

Miley defended this and other photos of the same night saying that they are best friends and it was a sleepover. Yes there are more photos & this one is the worst. I personally dont even think this is that bad of a photo. I've been to a few sleepovers in my day , I've seen far worse. Girls Will Be Girls.

If anything her friend seems more into it then she is.

That all i have to say on this topic.

Mileys Gotta Start All Over

"I've Lost Control and Theres No Doubt" - lyrics from Miley Cyrus's hit song Start All Over. They couldnt be more true. First Vanessa Now Miley. What Next next Miley ? Nude pictures. For the sake of your fans I hope not.
What was she thinking.. When you are as popular as she is right now, you shouldnt take pictures like these and post them on the internet. And if you must take pictures like this then atleast lock 'em away.
Miley you definately need to Start All over!!

Baby V - Not A Baby

So I figured i would start this blog with an old story. But this story may have kicked off all the controversy with disney stars.

A while back Baby V (Vanessa Hudgens) had some pictures of her leaked onto the internet. These pictures Have V in Very compromising positions. Both Nude & in Lingerie. Now Im only putting up one of the Lingerie ones. But if you are a perv im sure you either have or will find the nude ones.

The question is who were these pics to. Alot of people say they are to Zac Efron. But the thing is V has her naval pierced & in these pics, shes clearly unpierced. Which leads to if these pics were to Drake Bell.

This blogger thinks they are to Drake Bell. Because for HSM she didnt have her naval pierced but her hair was long, unlike this pic. In HSM2 her hair was short , but her naval was pierced. Therefore these are old photos.

V Has aslo apologized to all her fans. But is this how she really feel?

Feel Free to Comment & post your thoughts.