Friday, January 4, 2008

Hilary Duff - Bails on Bartab

Hilary Duff is currently in Canada on location for the movie Safety Glass.

So one night Hilary and her sister Haylie decided to go to a night club and have a little fun

The girls were seen dancing and drinking Grey Goose vodka and champagne till the club closed at 2 am.

The two girls racked up a $400 tab ! Lucky for them the manager wasnt mad at all !

He said that they shared a bottle of champagne and" They were delightful to be with and down to earth". Also that " They didnt even realize they didnt pay"

Im sure thats true, after $400 of booze who would remember to pay , let alone remember anything ?

Luckily Hil's a sweetheart, and the manager was apparently a fan !!

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