Saturday, January 5, 2008

Miley Cyrus - The Saint

On December 8th before her concert in Chicago, Miley Cyrus and OfficeMax Presented a $1 Million donation to the Adopt-A-Classroom Charity.

OfficeMax has also been sponsoring Miley Cyrus by putting up stations outside the concerts where fans can create signs to hold up during the show.

They have also setup a parents lounge at the concerts , where parents can escape all the screaming kids, and I'm sure what they think is annoying music. These lounges have computers, earplugs, and snacks.

I dont know what parent would do this though.. I would never leave my child alone at a concert. Especially if I'm paying for it , I'm going to watch it!

(note: I dont have any children- I'm too young)

Well I guess Miley isn't the demon everyone makes her out to be! Although I'm sure shes getting paid to have her face on this campaign with OfficeMax.

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