Thursday, January 3, 2008

Baby V - Not A Baby

So I figured i would start this blog with an old story. But this story may have kicked off all the controversy with disney stars.

A while back Baby V (Vanessa Hudgens) had some pictures of her leaked onto the internet. These pictures Have V in Very compromising positions. Both Nude & in Lingerie. Now Im only putting up one of the Lingerie ones. But if you are a perv im sure you either have or will find the nude ones.

The question is who were these pics to. Alot of people say they are to Zac Efron. But the thing is V has her naval pierced & in these pics, shes clearly unpierced. Which leads to if these pics were to Drake Bell.

This blogger thinks they are to Drake Bell. Because for HSM she didnt have her naval pierced but her hair was long, unlike this pic. In HSM2 her hair was short , but her naval was pierced. Therefore these are old photos.

V Has aslo apologized to all her fans. But is this how she really feel?

Feel Free to Comment & post your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Disney Chanel stars gone wild, whats next there gonna but the Girls Next Door in the Suit life of Zack and Cody?