Thursday, January 3, 2008

Miley Cyrus - Lesbian ?

Miley defended this and other photos of the same night saying that they are best friends and it was a sleepover. Yes there are more photos & this one is the worst. I personally dont even think this is that bad of a photo. I've been to a few sleepovers in my day , I've seen far worse. Girls Will Be Girls.

If anything her friend seems more into it then she is.

That all i have to say on this topic.


Allerson said...

shes not a lesbian,shes a teenaged girl.
my friends have pictures of them KISSING,hmm waay worse then sharing a peice of candy with one of your buddies.
this is all so stupid and i support everything that miley has said "it's not that bad" woahh!!! shes in a hallway sitting with her friend,,,HMMM do we have a lesbian on our hands? NO! Shes a girl now let her be.

Anonymous said...

The other girl looks like Kirby Blanton she played rebecca weller on Hannah Montana.