Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Is Your Favorite Jonas Brother.

I Put a Poll up On the site for you to Vote who your Favorite Jonas Brother is.

The winning Brother will get a post dedicated completely to him. Featuring Facts , Many Photos & if found Video of him.

Vote Now , You have Until June 20th.

Raven Symone - Big Let Down

Many Raven Fans know that Raven was supposed to do a tour this year. "Ravens Pajama Party Tour"

Her fans were told to wear their pajamas and arrive early for a mock slumber party that was to be followed by Raven-Symone's performance on a stage designed to replicate her own house. The Tour would feature songs off = her new self-titled album.

Her opening Acts were supposed to be Mitchell Musso b5 & Clique Girls

Tickets were to Go on sale , and right before that could happen Raven Cancelled her tour.

The organizers of her tour said it was cancelled due to "unforseen circumstances".

Ravens 'People' said Raven-Symone apologizes to her fans for any inconvenience this may have caused and ticket refunds will be available from the original point of purchase,"

This whole thing has caused so many problems that Ravens Official Fansite shut down, the reason because they were disappointed by Ravens Laziness.

Pervs Game For Baby V

There is a game out where basically you have to take Naughty pics of Vanessa Hudgens. Once you've done that you have to convince her to take it all off for you so you can get the money shot.

The game is overall boring, unless your a perv & it happens to turn you own.

The simulation baby V's are in provacative poses.I took the liberty of playing it & taking screen shots for you. If you feel the need you can play the game here
There is supposedly a similar game but with Miley, If i find it I will Not write in the post Ill just Put the Screen Shots up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chelsea Staub

I think in order to get into disney , you have to gaurantee controversy in your contract.

Here is New Comer to disney Chelsea Staub having Fun at a Sleep over.

I dont know about you but this Photo Looks very sexual to me. What do you think ?


Heyy you Hilary Duff Fans. I Dont Know About you , But im Excited About War Inc.

Im a Hilary Fan , as you notice i never have anything bad to say about her.

So I was happy to Find the War Inc Movie Trailer & I thought You would like to see it to.

Im So nice , arent I !

Vid Of Hilarys Scorpian

Hey I Just Found this Video Of Hilary Putting the scoripan In Her Pants.

Thought you would all like to see it .

Emma Watson Pulls a Britney !

Does no one learn , seriously .. does no one learn.

As soon as a celeb makes a mistake & it finally dies down, another celeb makes the same mistake.

This time Emma Watson , from Harry Potter. At her 18th Birthday Party.

No she didnt shave her head, No shes not in rehab, But she got out of the car & flashed the world... atleast Emma invested in some panties.

Im not showing the Picture unblocked, you pervs will have to look it up yourself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Madonna Defends Miley

Madonna was quoted saying " Leave her alone.. Shes gonna be 16 soon. And then 17,and then 18. And then she might show her knees,and then whats going to happen."

She made this statement about Mileys vanity fair scandal.

Madonna , hunny apparently this is the first thing you've heard about Miley, because we have seen much more then this girls knees.

Im sure the next picture will be of her ,on her knees. if you catch my drift.

Hilary Duff's Got a Scorpian in Her Pants

Yes it is true. For her new movie Hilary had to put a LIVE scorpian in her pants.

Hilary Says" It was terrifying, the little thing kept doing backbends because it obviously didnt want to go in my pants. Everyone on set was cheering."

But Hilary said she was used to scorpians " I grew up in Texas, and we had plenty of scorpians."

wow Hil is one brave chick!

Joe Jonas's Gift to the Prez

While performing at the White House, Joe Jonas sported a pair of pink superga sneakers.

The prez commented saying" I like the shoes,Joe. Gotta get a pair"

Well Joe took care of the presidents request personally, and had a custom pair sent over ASAP!

Superga sneakers are an italian brand, and you can get your own pair at

Oh Miley

I know I haven't Been posting in a while. My Computer was down.

A lot has happened since I've been gone, so instead of going into it I decided to just some of the Miley Pictures that have grabbed attention in the past months all together in one post, Instead of covering every single scandal separately.
I'd rather move onto things that are more current.


Selena Gomez hearts Nick Jonas

I knew it, I knew it.

Selena was bought into Disney to take Mileys place in every which way.

Not only is she an actress & singer like Miley, but apparently she has stolen Nick Jonas's heart- as Miley has done in the past.

But perhaps Selena is more worthy of Nicks heart.

Watch out Miley - Selenas coming through & shes taking everything you thought was yours!!