Monday, February 18, 2008

Miley & Lindsay BFF?

Miley Cyrus & Lindsay Lohan both attended the People/Verizon Wireless kickoff party.

People Magazine stated the two were introduced by Travis Barker.

The two were seen giggling & talking it up in the VIP balcony.

This is just what Miley needs. Shes already making a lot of mistakes on her own. With Lindsays guiding hand who knows what to expect of Miley in the future.

Is this gonna be The Next picture were gonna see of Miley? Or Worse ?

AJ Michalka & Ryan Sheckler

There has always been something between AJ Michalka & super cute skater Ryan Sheckler. He has even been rumored to be the reason behind AJ & Joe Jonas's breakup.

When J-14 asked her whats up between the two she said:

"We see each other a lot. We've gone out on dates, but we aren't actually together yet."

hmm , seems like Ryan hasnt made it official . What is he waiting for?

Will we be seeing AJ on future episodes of Life Of Ryan ?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Miley Cyrus - Drunk !!

Miley Cyrus was seen leaving Club Social in Hollywood last thursday night . She left in a tipsy manner. An effect of having one too many drinks. As Most people know Many clubs give young celebrities Alcoholic Beverages. Such as Lindsay Lohan, a younger Drew Barrymoore etc. The question is how did she even get in.. You have to be atleast 18 to get into these clubs.

And who was she hanging out with? I can definatley see miley Being the next Lindsay Lohan & Paris Hilton Maybe even a Britney Spears. Theres no doubt in my mind shes going to take after Jamie Lynn , Shes super supportive about the underage pregnant teen.

Not to mention How SHORT is this dress.. The Girls 15 years old !! who let her outta the house dressed like this??
& Billy Ray says shes down to earth & well grounded.
Grounded as in Shes about to hit the floor shes so drunk?
Or as in How Grounded she is when he sees these pics & the other pics..
Only time will tell. In the mean time enjoy the pics !!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ashley Tisdale - Under the Knife Once Again

The buzz around Ashley Tisdales nose job,I mean medical procedure.. finally died down, so now shes considering to go under the knife again for a Breast augmentation.

Someone close to the HSM star revealed..

"Ashley wants curves. She wants to be sexy and not to look like a stick-thin model. Ashley hated her new nose at first, but now she loves the results. Once it healed and the swelling went down, she thought about having more work done.She’s already trying on padded bras to pick her new size! Ashley has already consulted a few doctors."

Ashley has decided to wait until after HSM3: Senior Year is finished filming before doing the procedure.

Whats the "Medical Excuse" this time ? Chest Pains ? Insecurity Syndrome ?

Looks like Ashleys getting addicted to plasit Surgery.

Selena Vs. Ali

The Uglier - Sober Lohan may be getting a role in HSM3.

Ali Lohan is being Considered for a role as a spoiled little princess. Hmm maybe she'll be a cousin of sharpay.. or a hidden little sister?

Selena Gomez is also up for the role.

Selena is currently one of Disneys favorite actresses so in my opinion Ali isnt getting the part.

who do you think will win?

Selena Gomez - New Romance

Selena Gomez & Costar David Henrie Look Mighty Cozy !

She looks so into him & he looks pretty comfortable with her as well. Could something be going on between them ? Check out the pic Below & tell me what you think ..

Its Tiring Being Miley

Miley Cyrus Looked extremely tired at the 2008 Grammys.

Check out the bags under her eyes !

Shes been super busy with the tour- taking provacative photos.

Its a tiring job being Miley.

Think about you You have to sing , Watch your Body Double sing for you on stage. Take Lesbian Photos. Work out your abs for your skanky photo sessions with your digital camera. And cant forget breaking Nick Jonas's heart.

What Tiring Life.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hannah Montana Movie

The Hannah Montana movie is officially starting production. The story line is still Top Secret.

There have been rumors that Cody Linley would be coming back as his character Jake Ryan in the film. But Cody Linleys red said that he will not be in the Movie. "It doesn't fit the storyline. The movie is about Hannah Montana going back to her family roots in Tennessee."

It would be interesting to see her secret be revealed to the world. Would she keep the seperation Miley & Hannah , Would she be full time Hannah or full time Miley.

I hope the JoBros make an appearance.
This movies gonna be interesting !!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miley Cyrus- Anorexic ?

(The following quotes are from someone at star magazine, the wording outside of the quotes are my words)

"Miley is suffering from extreme stress due to her seventy date, three and a half month tour. She told me she’d been under so much stress that, 'sometimes I don’t want to eat, I almost pass out on stage.'"

There were reports that Miley had to leave the stage at one of her shows because she nearly passed out.

Rumors have been going that Miley might have an eating disorder. It appears shes having self-image issues.

"She told me she always looks fat in photos her fans take, and she thinks her legs and face 'look all jiggly' to fans in the front rows of her concerts. I kind of feel sorry for her, despite all her accomplishments. Already, it seems like she’s being robbed of the joy of a normal childhood."

For Miley to think she is over weight is insane. I think we have all seen those pics of her on my other posts, the girl has abs. she has a nice little body for someone her age. People dont forget to eat, I understand shes busy with touring but you have to eat sometime.

Im sure all her fans are praying for her- Hopefully we dont have to start a Feed Miley site , like the one that was made for Lindsay.

Miley Cyrus- New Boy Toy ?

These pictures were taken backstage at her Best Of Worlds Concert in Miami on January 31.

Go Miley!! Hes really cute!!

kind of reminds me of Ashton Kutcher.

He looks a little old for you though ...

So who is this kid ? Is he her new boyfriend? Time will tell !



These photos are allegedly leaked from her personal myspace.
Picture to the left is pretty much along the same lines as the other ones we have been seeing. But a bikini is much better then underwear. I dont even think that its a bad picture.
And the same goes for the picture below. she isnt doing anything wrong. Its the underwear pictures that annoy me.

and Yea yea shes having fun hanging with her friends, whatever.

But she needs to understand that something as innocent & dumb as sitting in a bathtub with your friends while in a bikini can be blow up out of proportion.

apparently her friends are stabbing her in her back. She needs to reavaluate who her friends are.

Miley Cyrus - Legally Changes Her Name

Miley Cyrus has legally changed her name.

The young star is no longer Destiny Hope Cyrus (Her "real" name)

She has legally changed her first name to her Nic Name Miley.

She has always hated the name Destiny Hope.

When you think about it Miley Cyrus sounds a lot better then Destiny Hope Cyrus.


before i start this post i wanted to apologize for not writing - i was having trouble with my web browser.

(Picture to the left was tagged)

Miley Cryus just cant seem to keep away from scandals. First lesbian-esque photos and now this.

Whats next ? a photo-shoot Baby V style ?

Many people have said this is was photo shopped. But these look way too real to be photo shopped.

When will Miley learn - PUT THE CAMERA DOWN.

& who has been leaking these photos? Could these have been sent to Nick Jonas ? what do you think ?