Sunday, February 3, 2008


before i start this post i wanted to apologize for not writing - i was having trouble with my web browser.

(Picture to the left was tagged)

Miley Cryus just cant seem to keep away from scandals. First lesbian-esque photos and now this.

Whats next ? a photo-shoot Baby V style ?

Many people have said this is was photo shopped. But these look way too real to be photo shopped.

When will Miley learn - PUT THE CAMERA DOWN.

& who has been leaking these photos? Could these have been sent to Nick Jonas ? what do you think ?


i_stand_by miley_but these_photos_are whorish said...

i never thot she would do this..and no way those are not photo shopped wow!!!!!..and if she sent them to nick then she is a whore!

Anonymous said...

the first one is NOT her!!!
and the second one perez hilton said that the second one looked photoshopped and he kknows his stuff!!!
and ew.
nick jonas wouldnt want to look at them even if it was her,which it is NOT!
and the other picture are not lesbian like!
like she said its 2 girls at a sleep overr!

she used to be my role model now shes nothing but a whore said...

i stand behind the girl before me wtj i love the jonas brothers and expecially nick, i cant believe he dated this hoe, seriously its ahhmazing she was one of my rold models but now my pov has deff changed!!!

Anonymous said...

no way did she send those to nick they broke up long ago... and he would never leak them anyway

Anonymous said...

i always knew that she was a total whore!!!!!!!!!!!! poor little kids who are her fans! idiot whore... I HATE YOU!