Sunday, February 3, 2008

Miley Cyrus- Anorexic ?

(The following quotes are from someone at star magazine, the wording outside of the quotes are my words)

"Miley is suffering from extreme stress due to her seventy date, three and a half month tour. She told me she’d been under so much stress that, 'sometimes I don’t want to eat, I almost pass out on stage.'"

There were reports that Miley had to leave the stage at one of her shows because she nearly passed out.

Rumors have been going that Miley might have an eating disorder. It appears shes having self-image issues.

"She told me she always looks fat in photos her fans take, and she thinks her legs and face 'look all jiggly' to fans in the front rows of her concerts. I kind of feel sorry for her, despite all her accomplishments. Already, it seems like she’s being robbed of the joy of a normal childhood."

For Miley to think she is over weight is insane. I think we have all seen those pics of her on my other posts, the girl has abs. she has a nice little body for someone her age. People dont forget to eat, I understand shes busy with touring but you have to eat sometime.

Im sure all her fans are praying for her- Hopefully we dont have to start a Feed Miley site , like the one that was made for Lindsay.

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Anonymous said...

okay just so you know, the reason she had to leave the stage was NOT because she was going to pass out from not eating. it was because there was a stomach virus/flu going around the cast and crew of the tour and miley caught it. that's all. and i'm positive about this, if you want proof i'll give it to you.